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Tianjin Dagang Hengtong material manage Co,.Ltd - founded in March 1996,register area:Tianjin

Tianjin Gangde Industrial & Trading Co,.Ltd - founded in May 2002,register area:Tianjin

Tianjin Gangde glass beads Co,.Ltd - founded in May 2002,register area:Tianjin

Tianjin Gangde plastic Co,.Ltd - founded in June 2006,register area:Tianjin

Tianjin ZHT concrete Co,.Ltd - founded in November 2006,register area:Tianjin

Tianjin Dehua material recycle center Co.,Ltd - founded in November 2006,register area:Tianjin

Gangde group Co.,Ltd - founded in December 2012,register area:HongKong

Gangde(Tianjin) import&export Co.,Ltd - founded in April 2014,register area:Tianjin

In May 22,2002,Gangde industrial and trading co.,ltd was founded.We become one of the lagest producers of glass beads in the north of China as our glass beads series products quickly open the global market. 
In 2005,the glass beads of gangde obtained certification of KSL2521 by KSA.
In 2005, We put the marking paint production line into operation in Shanghai. 
In 2006,the new workshop 2500m2 and introduced 16 precision injection molding machines and 6 automatic blister machines. 
In 2006,our company was certified by ISO9001&14001. 
In 2009,gangde glass beads for road marking obtained EN1423(850~180UM) and (710~125um) certificate issued by the LGA Bautechnik GmbH. 
In 2010,Gangde invested 20 Millins to completely control the ZHT Concrete co.,ltd. 
In 2011, Gangde realized full-automatic and standardized production line, Gangde becomes the world's most excellent glass beads enterprise. 
In 2011, Our food packing production obatained "The national industrial production license". 
In 2012, Gangde obtained the "Tianjin High Tech Smes" certificate. 
In 2013, Gangde is building 10 workshops, which investment 15 millions yuan. 
In 2013,Gangde built the glass bead's wrokshop and all equipment. Technology upgrade. 
We are moving forward step by step... ... 

We produce our own products and keep improving. 
We have ablity and the confidence to control the quality of our products as we are a manufacturer. 
We focus on the producing of glass beads and we are a professional glass beads producer. 
We have a banch in Shanghai which produces the road marking paint. 
We have a best dust-free plant which can produce all kinds of plastic products within 1kg. 
We also have a blister packing workshop which produces electronic trays and food packing trays. 
We invest 20 millions in a concrete production line which has the capacity of more than 800000m3 every year. 

Because we are reliable..... 
A reliable enterprise comes from the ideals of enterprise itself. 
We are a private enterprise. It wa founded in 1981 bye current chairman, who works very hard and develops the company through 30 years of unremitting efforts. 
We are becoming stonger and stronger and we have four subsidiaries at present, our total asets are of more than 100 millions Yuan and with an annual turnover of more than 180 millions Yuan. 
We are moving forward rapidly and accumulate a large amount of market experience and management experience. 
We are still exist through the rule of "Survival of the fittest". 
We have many opportunities because we are a young enterprise, and we will become better and better. 

Because the good quality of our production... 
The market position ultimately depends on the productions, the productions are the soul of the enterprise, and they are the symbol and miniature of a enterprise. Our enterprise obtained ISO9001 & 14001,EN1423,KSL2521 and QS certifications. We always adhere to the scientific management and always believe in the principle that the quality is the foundation of the enterprise development.

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